Guest Night at Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios


New to Celebrity Studios?

What would you do if we offered you an evening out to enjoy FREE ballroom dance lessons, food, drinks, laughter and much more?

Pretty cool, right? Well, the offer is yours to take advantage of right now. All you have to do is go for it!

Please join us for one of the upcoming Thursday evening Guest Nights at Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios in Marietta – NO Obligation, NO Risk and NO Pressure. Bringing a dance partner is not required unless you want to, nor is having prior dance experience required.

These are the absolute best times for new first-time visitors to come to our studio and explore the art, culture, excitement even health benefits of ballroom dancing. Plus, while you’re there, you will meet other really great people just like yourself. And, just like we always treat our regular studio members, we serve all guests some really tasty warm appetizers, desserts and refreshments while you’re with us.

So…come have some fun, meet our studio team and other members, explore something totally new, and make some new friends.

Call 678-653-8003 or write to us at with questions.

Want to know what other’s are saying about Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios?

Click <<HERE>> to read the Celebrity article, or watch studio member Theresa Pastorelli’s testimonial below.



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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio
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2727 Canton Road, Ste 520, Marietta, GA 30066
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