It’s Slumber Party Time!


We will have all the classic slumber party essentials (i.e. pizza). You just need to bring yourself and wear your comfiest PJ’s (PG please).

Come have some Friday Night fun with us!



Also, please don’t miss out our March Madness Dance Trivia contest we’re running on Facebook.

One lucky winner with the most correct answers will win a FREE DANCE PACKAGE!

So, go ahead, get involved and have some trivia fun with us. Find us on Facebook at @celebrityballroomdance

Here’s what you have to do, stay on the look out for our March Madness trivia questions. There will be no set schedule as to when we will be posting so it’s up to you to keep a close eye out for each question. Simply comment each answer as we post. The celebrity staff will be keeping track of all the results. Enjoy yourself and good luck!




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29-March-2019@8:30 PM
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29-March-2019@10:00 PM
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friday-night-parties studio-events
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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio
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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio
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2727 Canton Road, Ste 520, Marietta, GA 30066
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