The Coolest Christmas Cookie Party in Town


Did someone say Christmas Cookies?

Did you happen to save room for dessert? Uh, hum… we sure hope so because we sure have! Tis’ the season that we seem to always indulge in tasty goodies so help us spread some sweet holiday cheer around. You’ve invited to bring any of your favorite holiday cookies to share, and then have some studio fun with us while we dance off those calories together. If it’s going to be your first time as a visitor, all you have to do is just take advantage of this complimentary evening and join us. You’ll get to sample all kinds of delicious foods and desserts, learn some new dance steps, and meet lots of new people in the wonderful spirit of the holidays. We hope to see you there! We’re located at 2727 Canton Rd. Suite 520, Marietta, Ga. 30066. Call 678-653-8003 if you have questions.


Ballroom Dance is therapeutic to our minds, bodies and souls regardless of age!

There’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain….

Listen to what Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien have to say…



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13-December-2019@8:30 PM
end :
13-December-2019@10:00 PM
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friday-night-parties studio-events testimonies
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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio
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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio
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2727 Canton Road, Ste 520, Marietta, GA 30066
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