Super Sweet “Orange You Glad You Dance?” Social Dance Party


Whether it’s your first time as a visitor, or whether you are already one of our amazing established Celebrity studio family members, this Friday night social dance party at Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios in Marietta is going to be super sweet and we want you to be there!

Friday night, it’s all about YOU and ORANGES!  (LOL) Yes, YOU because you’re a part of our dance family and we are supper happy to have you with us, and 2) because ORANGES are extremely beneficial to our health (just like dancing might we add)!

Together, let’s get a full dose of Vitamin C while we dance the night away.  If you will, please bring a dish or two to share that have ORANGES in the list of ingredients, and let’s have some fun.  Go ahead, get creative, put our taste buds into overdrive, and have some super sweet studio fun with us.

Acworth students, please join us at our Marietta location for this fun event.

Group Classes begin at 7:45 pm.
Our “Orange You Glad You Dance?” Party kicks off at 8:30 pm

See you there!



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28-February-2020@8:30 PM
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28-February-2020@10:00 PM
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friday-night-parties studio-events testimonies
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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio
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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio
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2727 Canton Road, Ste 520, Marietta, GA 30066
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