Can’t You Just Feel The Island Breeze? It’s Time For Our Next Luau Dance Party!


Wait a minute…that rhymed! 🙂

You know what time it is, so we’re bringing it back! Grab your grass skirts, lei, beach hats and floral necklaces because we are planning the perfect Hawaiian Luau just for you!  Dress up in your favorite tropical attire and plan to enjoy this studio “island getaway.”  (no swimsuits please)


Did you know that ballroom dance is therapeutic to our minds, bodies and souls regardless of age?

There’s nothing to lose really, but there is so much you can gain….

Listen to what Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien have to say…



start :
17-January-2019@8:30 PM
end :
17-January-2019@10:00 PM
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friday-night-parties studio-events testimonies
Organizer Name :
Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio
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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio
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2727 Canton Road, Ste 520, Marietta, GA 30066
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