The Celebrity Star Experience

At Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios, you are the star! Plain and simple, it is our mission to make sure you that you are the center of our attention. Here at Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio of Marietta, we have a proven system guaranteed to teach anyone and everyone how to dance. We use a mixture of private dance lessons, group dance lessons, dance parties, and other dance enhancements to ensure that you can and will learn how to social dance. All of our services, one just as important as the other, create a strong fundamental foundation for the skill of ballroom dancing. You will always get the VIP Treatment with the 5 points of our Celebrity Star!

  1. Private Dance Lessons
  2. Group Dance Lessons
  3. Social Dance Practice Sessions
  4. Dance Enhancements
  5. Amenities

Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons consist of one-on-one instruction with you and your instructor. This can be per single or per couple. These 40-minute lessons allow for the most effective and personalized dance training with 100% of your instructor’s time and attention focused on you and your specific needs. Not only that, but each private dance lesson at Celebrity Ballroom is tailored to your pace and style of learning, therefore we do not expect you to follow a cookie cutter approach to dancing. Typically, private dance lessons are held in our main ballroom sometimes with other private lessons occurring on the floor at the same time, but rest assured that your instructor is completely dedicated to your dance education.

Group Dance Lessons

In addition to your private learning time, our group dance classes allow you to get extra pattern practice with other dancers all at your same dance level. These 40-minute group dance lessons work on our Dance Of The Week to better your knowledge of that dance at your particular level. These classes have one teacher and consist of multiple students learning at the same time. Not only do we focus on exposing you to new and exciting patterns, but we cover other areas of dance, such as lead and follow and partner connection, that continue to expand upon what you learn in your private instruction time. We have multiple group class opportunities every evening to fit everyone’s schedule.

Social Dances & Practice Parties

This is the best part about learning how to dance, and it is a very important point when creating a strong foundation…PRACTICE. More importantly, in a real dance setting! These 90-minute practice sessions are fun, high energy, and have the best dance music around. Sometimes, we even have a live band! They take place in our studio with all of our instructors there to help guide you along the way. With our dance parties, you apply everything you are learning in your private and group dance lessons without judgment, and you get to socialize and interact with all of our other social dancers. Plus, you’ll burn some calories while you’re at it.

Dance Enhancements

At Celebrity Ballroom, the majority of our students are purely social dancers, but some may want to take their dancing to the next level. We can help you do just that! We participate in and host a variety of extravaganzas that allow you to really put your dance knowledge to the test. We have three performances per year and participate in various NDCA competitions all over the country. We have the top choreographers, champions, and coaches in our industry come to Celebrity Ballroom to coach our students and professionals. From Spotlight Performances and Showcases to Competitions and Travel “Dance-cations,” we believe in achieving your fullest potential with our Celebrity Star Experience.

Five Star Amenities

Here at Celebrity Ballroom, we give everyone the VIP Treatment they deserve! From our top notch, floating dance floor, to our clean and upscale facility, to the refreshments provided at our dance parties, we make sure that everyone’s experience at our studios is nothing but exceptional. Our full time professionals tailor every lesson to each individual student and guarantee satisfaction. We are a full service dance studio meaning that we have anything that you could ever need when it comes to dancing, including dance shoes, practice wear, and a ballroom dance dress maker. Come to Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio and you’ll never need or want to go anywhere else.

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