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The Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios 2019 Christmas Showcase

Introducing the 2019 Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios Christmas Showcase Congratulations and sincere thanks to all our wonderful and talented students, instructors and other staff members for showcasing such commitment and dedication in this year's Christmas showcase. It was such a beautiful performance.  There was a fantastic amount of expression and emotion brought out with each...
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How One Woman Rescued Herself After Suffering A Tragic Loss – A Celebrity Must Watch

At Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios we have witnessed first hand many positive transformations among our students. We love to help others learn the fundamentals of dance of course and share its excitement. However, it is just as meaningful for us when we can understand what motivated each student to begin learning dance from the start. Some students begin taking ballroom dance lessons because...
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Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios To Open Second Studio in Downtown Acworth

The past three years have been absolutely amazing at Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studio in Marietta. Our studio family has grown tremendously, and many lives have been touched... probably none more than our own.  We have been blessed with a dedicated team of caring instructors and wonderful students from the start. Because of that, we have made many new life long friendships, all of which have...
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The Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios “In Your Atmosphere” 2019 Showcase

The Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios "In Your Atmosphere" 2019 Showcase was such a success and was performed beautifully.  The night was truly magical. Thank you to all our wonderful and talented students and instructors for your commitment and dedication to making this showcase such sweet perfection. There was so much engagement and emotion brought out with your performances! Bravo!!! We've...
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Self-Care Talk – Are You Honestly Your Own Priority?

How many times have you put off things you personally wanted to do for yourself for others? We all do it, or have in the past. I am guilty of it too, so don't feel ashamed about it.  Most of us have relationships, marriages, families, jobs, extracurricular responsibilities and so forth. And before we even realize it, we are not taking care of ourselves anymore. We're not eating right, not...
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Independence Day Thoughts and Well Wishes

As Independence Day is quickly approaching, I can't help but to think about the rights and freedoms we exercise everyday here in America. Because of that, I am left with the strongest sense of gratitude. There are so many men, women and children who are inconceivably controlled and oppressed in our world. Thinking of every aspect of what their lives are like, day after day - year after year, I...
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