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Donna Addison- Celebrity Spotlight

Get to know one our very own Celebrities: Donna Addison! What are some of your favorite things? Favorite Dance- Rumba…this week. It changes often… Favorite Color- Sapphire Blue Favorite Food- Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan/Gluten-free please) Favorite Sport or Team- Clemson Football Superhero Power- Deciding to be happy Favorite Quote: "Be who are and say what you...
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Spring Sponsorship 2021

Join our spring sponsorship and earn points so you can win prizes for you and your teacher. Each Friday night, there will be one drawing for a magnificent prize. Spring Sponsorship prizes include free shoes, free coachings, lesson vouchers, competition vouchers, dancewear vouchers and more. You must be present at the party each week in order to win. You get a ticket for every 500 points you...
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Did you know? Dancing is a great way to meet new people!

Do you need to meet new people? Are you feeling like some social interaction is missing in your life? Are you ready to put away the virtual and get back to seeing real smiles? Whether you are a single or a couple, learning to partner dance, social dance and ballroom dance is one of the BEST activities you can do to meet new people and regain an active social life. Not only are your...
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March Madness is now MUST Madness!

This year, we are turning March Madness into MUST Madness!   We are raising money for MUST Ministries and giving you a chance to win money towards your dance lessons during March Madness! Its called MUST Madness!  Here are the rules:   You must turn in a March Madness bracket completely filled out by Thursday, 3/18. Brackets can be found by clicking the link below or at the studio....
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Looking For the Perfect Christmas Gift This Year?

Need the perfect Christmas gift that will make 2020 brighter? Try giving the gift of dance!   Dances lessons are the perfect gift for anyone and everyone! Spouses and significant others Parents and Grandparents Aunts, Uncles, friends and family Newly engaged or married couples A homebody who needs to get out of the house Someone who wants to improve their health...
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Elevate Your Mood

Are you feeling a bit like this lately? It's June 2020 and the world is in chaos right now! If you are like me, your emotions are like a roller-coaster. But the one thing I find can elevate my mood like nothing else is... you guessed it... Dance! Why? How can this simple activity uplift my spirits so much? So, I did a little research and wanted to share it with...
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