Did you know? Dancing is a great way to meet new people!

Do you need to meet new people? Are you feeling like some social interaction is missing in your life? Are you ready to put away the virtual and get back to seeing real smiles?

Whether you are a single or a couple, learning to partner dance, social dance and ballroom dance is one of the BEST activities you can do to meet new people and regain an active social life. Not only are your surrounding yourself with a group of encouraging individuals, but you are also learning a new skill, developing social etiquettes and enjoying life more.

Are you afraid to meet new people or maybe don’t really know where to begin? Well, here are some pointers:

  1. Come to the open houses on Thursday nights at 7:45 pm. This night is designed for newcomers and first timers. It is a great way to meet new people. We encourage our students who are in their first couple of levels to come to this class to practice and to meet new people. We encourage ALL of our students to bring anyone with them to this class as well as their guest.
  2. Come to your group classes. This is where you will meet those who are in your same level and get to practice with different leads and follows. Once you know your fellow peers from group class, you have instant partners for the dance parties.
  3. Make sure to introduce yourself and ask for other peoples names. Knowing someone’s name makes it much easier for you to ask them to dance.
  4. When dancing with others, don’t critique their dancing. Focus only on your dancing and how to make your partner comfortable while dancing with them. So if you are leading, make sure you are focusing on leading your partner, and vice versus.
  5. Never say “No” to a dance. Rejection can really damage a persons confidence. Also, if the last time you danced with a particular partner did not go so well, give that partner another chance. Remember, we all have a lot of room to improve.
  6. Talk with each other. Go to competitions with the studio together. Participate in the studio shows and events. The more you do, the more social interaction you will have plus the more FUN you will have.
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