March Madness is now MUST Madness!

This year, we are turning March Madness into MUST Madness!  

We are raising money for MUST Ministries and giving you a chance to win money towards your dance lessons during March Madness! Its called MUST Madness!  Here are the rules:
  1. You must turn in a March Madness bracket completely filled out by Thursday, 3/18. Brackets can be found by clicking the link below or at the studio. Brackets may be turned into your teacher or may be emailed to
  2. Each bracket is $20. You may turn in as many brackets as you would like. Payments may be cash, check or Venmo. No credit or debit cards, please.
  3. $10 will automatically go to MUST Ministries. The other $10 will go into the winnings pot! The winner will receive 75% of the pot towards their lessons. The runner up will receive 25% of the pot towards their lessons.
You DO NOT have to be a basketball fan or know anything about sports to join in on this fun activity! We would like to raise as much money as we can for MUST Ministries. Please check out this great organization and see all the amazing things they are doing in our communities. Lets have a good time and help them out during the madness!



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