How One Woman Rescued Herself After Suffering A Tragic Loss – A Celebrity Must Watch

At Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios we have witnessed first hand many positive transformations among our students. We love to help others learn the fundamentals of dance of course and share its excitement. However, it is just as meaningful for us when we can understand what motivated each student to begin learning dance from the start. Some students begin taking ballroom dance lessons because they want to perfect their techniques as a professional dancer, some do it for the exercise, some for its social aspects, or for some…it’s simply stress relief.  

In the following video, which we feel is a must see, Today’s original series, “Walk in My Shoes”, highlights a touching story of how Elisabeth Smith, age 67, has found refuge, rebirth, and reinvention through dance after a devastating loss of her husband 5 years prior. She shares quite the story, and as a current ballroom dance champion, we feel it serves as an important up close and personal look inside the life of dance and reminder of its potential impact on the lives of those whom embrace it.

Please enjoy Ms. Smith’s heartfelt testimony. It’s definitely worth the share. 

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