Self-Care Talk – Are You Honestly Your Own Priority?

How many times have you put off things you personally wanted to do for yourself for others? We all do it, or have in the past. I am guilty of it too, so don’t feel ashamed about it.  Most of us have relationships, marriages, families, jobs, extracurricular responsibilities and so forth. And before we even realize it, we are not taking care of ourselves anymore. We’re not eating right, not exercising, not taking the time to relax, not getting enough sleep, not having any personal time to enjoy our friendships we’ve made, rescheduling our own doctor’s appointments to fit around the schedules of others, and so forth. You get the idea. For whatever reason(s) we pretty much feel more obligated to make sure that everyone else’s needs are met first and foremost, even before our own.  Days turn into months…months can sometimes turn into years living like this, which is why I am airing these thoughts out now.  If this has become the norm, should it be a huge red flag? Yes it should and we need to pay very close attention to it because it’s an extremely important topic to discuss and do something to correct it.

Taking time for OURSELVES is never wrong, and is even critical in today’s hustle and bustle. This leads me to ask the question,  “What can we do to reserve more time for ourselves in our daily grinds – mind, body and soul?” 

  • The first strategy I am going to recommend is learning to say NO to others. I know it’s uncomfortable, but practice it every chance you can. If someone’s request is something that will conflict with your personal time, and it’s is not an absolute necessity, then schedule it when you do have time to help them.  They will understand if your schedule is important to YOU.  There’s nothing wrong with having other obligations. And we need to be one of our own MOST important obligations. We owe it to ourselves. We must have time to refresh and renew. 
  • That brings me to the second tip – start scheduling everything in a calendar, if for nothing else that just a physical reminder of what you do each day – how much time your giving to others compared to how much time your giving to yourself.  Most smartphones have a calendar installed on it from the factory where you can schedule events as short as 15 minute intervals.  But first, go through that calendar and reserve blocks of time FOR YOURSELF for the entire month – Schedule time to take care of yourself, whatever that may be. (Take time for exercise or mediation, time for hobbies, time to read a good book, time for a long hot bath, listen to your favorite music and dance like no one’s watching, take time at the spa relaxing, time to get your hair or nails done, have brunch with friends, go to your doctor, volunteer, and so forth) 
  • Thirdly… take time to eat healthy, and that often means taking the time to prepare meals at home and ensuring you have extra time in the grocery store to purchase healthier whole food choices that fuel your body properly.  Hey, and if you’ve got to be on the go any certain day, pack a day cooler and take your healthier meal with you instead of eating just whatever and whenever you can. 
  • Get more sleep – When we get enough sleep, our bodies recuperate from the day’s stresses better.  That makes for better days ahead with more balanced cortisone and hormone levels which all contribute to better mental moods and ability to deal with new stressors as they present themselves. 
  • Have a hobby – Whether it’s jewelry making, learning the piano, crocheting, painting, taking dance lessons, sketching….whatever it might be that brings you an escape and brings peace and happiness in your life, do it! 
  • Believe in the motto that you should “Live Your Best Life”  –  You need time for yourself – You deserve time for yourself – You might possibly end up being the only one in the end that will stand up for your well being.  Our mental, emotional, and physical presences are definitely received by others, so if you really want to affect others in a positive and uplifting way, giving them the best version of yourself is absolutely the best offering you could give. Talk about purpose! 

Therefore, don’t forsake yourself.  Be sure that if you’re helping others, don’t let your own needs be moved to the back burner so to speak.  It’s definitely time to fall in love with ourselves and there are tons of reason why we should make it a priority!  


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