Independence Day Thoughts and Well Wishes

As Independence Day is quickly approaching, I can’t help but to think about the rights and freedoms we exercise everyday here in America. Because of that, I am left with the strongest sense of gratitude. There are so many men, women and children who are inconceivably controlled and oppressed in our world. Thinking of every aspect of what their lives are like, day after day – year after year, I can say this country and our constitution is something to be cherished. Further, ALL who serve (or have served) this country should be honored to the highest degree. 
Beyond all the various political controversies still being debated among Americans to this day, my closing thoughts are that 1) we are not perfect as a country nor as individuals, and that’s ok 2) there will always be different interpretations of what’s fair or not fair; what’s ethical or not ethical; what’s right or not right; what’s humane or not humane; what’s tolerable or intolerable; and  3) as oppositional as our parties might be currently, I feel that the majority tries to lead by their interpretations of what is right for ALL Americans as a whole.  That is to be honored in its own right. 

Speaking for everyone at our studio, we want to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July weekend ahead with your family and friends. Please keep in mind, our studio will be closed in observance of Independence Day starting tomorrow, Thursday, July 4th, and will re-open Monday, July 8th. 

**Be sure to come celebrate Independence Day with us at our Let Freedom Ring Group Dance Party this afternoon, Wednesday July 3rd, starting at 7:45-10pm. 

**All Studio Members and “First Time” visitors are invited! 

**Plus, we have an unbelievable discounted starter dance package available tonight for all “First Time” visitors that attend, so don’t miss out!  




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