How and Why Ballroom Dancing Paves The Way To Better Posture

Reflecting back to when we were young, it is funny how aches and pains were almost non-existent… aside from the little common cuts, scrapes, and bruises of course. That was only temporary discomfort. Now that we’re older, however, it is a totally different story, isn’t it?  Life has “finally caught up with us” as some would say, and our bodies have more than likely began to show the telltale signs of a weakened core, muscle fatigue and joint inflammation of some (if not many) variations. 

All of which could be the after-effects of common repetitive injuries incurred over the years, down to simply developing a sedentary inactive lifestyle.  It is definitely not a new concept anymore. Our society is much more sedentary in today’s modern world, sitting an average 11+ hours a day [1], and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 60 to 85% of the population worldwide is not engaged in enough activity…making physical inactivity the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. The great news is that INTERVENTION IS POSSIBLE, AND IT’S ABSOLUTELY KEY in improving your posture and overall health. 

Please enjoy the presentation below on how and why ballroom dancing begins improving your posture explained by seasoned Celebrity Studio instructors, Ryan Winslow and Donna Addison Haseltine. Let’s listen in on how and why using a ballroom dance frame improves posture and overall muscle strength, tone and longevity. 



While we’re on the topic of health, check out another great article, The Top 5 Most Important Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Be Taking Ballroom Dance Classes” and, listen in on veteran studio member Theresa Pastorelli as she share her thoughts on ballroom dance.  Click on the link below to read her full story – Student Theresa Pastorelli Speaks Out About Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios


Thanks for watching! 



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