Our Summer Festival Is Now Underway…Who Are You Sponsoring?


Who’s it going to be? 

From May 1st – July 3, our 2019 Summer Festival will be in full swing, and our wonderfully hardworking Celebrity teachers are asking for your sponsorships now. 

If you’d like to participate in this year’s Summer Festival, we need you to get signed up right away (ask your teacher for the sign up form, or stop by the front desk).



Now, we definitely have some perks for you as a Celebrity Studio sponsor.  As you may already know…

  • you will have the opportunity to attend several special “Sponsors Only” events listed below.
  • you will earn points for almost everything you do which also earns your teacher major points as well. 
  • as you earn points, you will also get rewarded with tickets which can be used for the fantastic prize drawings that we will have at end of each Friday night party. (win awesome prizes such as a free pair of shoes, free coachings, $100 off lessons, free competition entries and more!) (Please note: You must be present at the end of each Friday night party because that is when each drawing will take place.)


Additionally, here are some of the Summer Festival events you’ll be sure to enjoy:

  • Tuesday, May 14th – Night Out (8:45-10pm)
  • Tuesday, May 21st – Sponsors Only Bowling at Bowlero (8-10pm)
  • Saturday, June 8th – Sponsors Only Dinner Dance at 57th Fight Group (6:30-11pm)
  • Wednesday, June 12th – Sponsors Only Class with Tamsyn (7pm)
  • Tuesday, June 18th – Night Out (8:45-10pm)
  • Friday, June 28th – Dance Party in the Park (8-10pm)


The cost for sponsorships are as follows –

Single Sponsorship: $188

Couple Sponsorship $299


We hope to see all studio members participating in this fun summer dance festival.  Let’s do some extra fun stuff and make this summer great together.

Give us a call if you should have any questions.

Thanks everyone! 


Speaking of awesomeness, did you catch the latest Celebrity testimonial?  Student Theresa Pastorelli shared her thoughts on ballroom dance and what life is like at our studio.  Click on the link below to read the full story –

Student Theresa Pastorelli Speaks Out About Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios




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