Wedding Day Disaster – Don’t Let The Next “Epic Fail” Happen To You


We know all too well that wedding ceremonies and a couple’s first dance will be re-visited and talked about for years to come. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to making couples look, feel and DANCE like true Hollywood celebrities on their special day. Maybe you’re in the process of planning your own wedding? Maybe you’re planning for a friend? Maybe you are a parent and helping plan your daughter or son’s wedding? Regardless of the scenario, a well thought out dance plan and preparation needs to be in place for the bride and groom because your event will, without question, be remembered for years to come. 

Below you’re going to witness two extreme examples of newly married couple’s first dances. Both videos will fall on opposite ends of the spectrum – one being an absolute pleasure to watch, and the other…quite ill-prepared.  Let this be a testimony to the fact that there are some moments worth investing into, and a professionally choreographed first dance is absolutely one of them. 

In this first clip,  YouTuber Jennifer Radon shared “Our First Dance – Nothing’s Gunna Stop Us Now” video. The couple’s dance looks very natural and quite polished…almost magical if I may say.  With almost 50,000 views on the Internet, it’s safe to say it’s impressed many viewers so far.  Let’s take a look… 



Incredible right?

Now, let’s take a look at the second selection.  This video really should be watched in it’s entirety to get the full effect of how awkward and unorganized it truly is.  With over 3.9 MILLION views, Chuck Johnson’s “Classic Disc Jockeys” video showcases a very unfortunate couple’s first dance and DJ disaster. While watching, I can’t help but think about this sweet couple’s wedding being talked about years past their ceremony in this way, and what it means to have quality wedding planning and preparation.  


If you’d like more information on how we can help YOU perfect your wedding dance(s), click here, or feel free to sign up for a complimentary dance lesson. Come in to our studio and meet with our professional Instructors.  The wonderful thing about our wedding dance lessons and professional assistance is that we customize to your preferences.  This is preparation for YOUR special day, and we want you to experience it as if you were in the fairy tail you’ve always dreamed of, and dance MAGICALLY!

Thanks for watching! 


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