This Valentine’s Day Discover a Best Kept Secret

Ever see that couple? You know the ones, always smiling, wanting to be with one another, and clearly enjoying each others company? Well, chances are they Ballroom Dance! Whether they dance for the competitive sport, or to be closer together, Ballroom Dancing is one of the best ways to remain happy.

When you dance, you relieve stress, you get exercise and work core muscles, but what’s more important, you improve your relationships! Maybe it’s the closeness of certain dances, the return to holding your partner in your arms, but more and more couples are finding that ballroom dancing, is better than going to therapy! I have had several couples tell me, that I helped save their marriage. Even unmarried couples have benefited from Ballroom Dance lessons. They come to me to learn to Foxtrot, or Waltz, or perhaps spice it up with a sexy Tango, or Rumba. When they arrive, they are apprehensive and not sure why they are there. But, at the end of the first hour, you can see the joy in their faces! They clearly enjoyed that hour, and they leave smiling, some holding hands. After 3 more weeks, they are more confident, ready to actually come to a social dance, and use their new dancing skills!

I have had some couples tell me, they thought they needed counseling, but after a few private lessons, forgot all about that! The dance brought them closer, perhaps back to a time in the past, a memory, or a feeling they hadn’t felt in a long time. In either case, if anyone tells you how happy they are in their relationship, or life, 9 times out of 10, they probably take dance lessons and dance regularly.”

Excerpted from the article “HAPPINESS, The Best Kept Secret of Ballroom Dancing!” by John Peters – Originally Published: Fri, June 24, 2011


What’s the gift you ask? It’s the gift of dance

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