Element of good social dancing

Leaning to social dance is a lot of fun. As with any other skill there are elements and skill set you will learn that will make your ballroom dancing great. Here is a great list of elements you will learn that will have you dancing like a star in no time.

  1. Walks, Weight Changes, & Chasses
  2. School Figures
  3. Rhythm and Timing
  4. Tempos
  5. Footwork
  6. Poise, Posture, & Hold
  7. Leading and Following (Body, Shoulders, Hand, Open)
  8. Five Foot Positions
  9. Top Development
  10. Turns (Natural and Reverse)
  11. Amounts of Turn
  12. Directions & Alignment
  13. Rise & Fall
  14. Sway
  15. Balance
  16. Vertical Rhythm
  17. Latin Movement (Typical)
  18. Style
  19. Head , Shoulders, Hands, & Arms
  20. Continuity of Movement
  21. Amalgamations
  22. Contra Body Movement Position
  23. Smoothness
  24. Musical Interpretation & Phrasing
  25. Body Lines
  26. Grace & Composure
  27. Body Flight


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