Am I ready for a ballroom dance competition?

Let’s say that you’ve been dancing for a few months now, taking 1-2 private lessons per week and coming to a party at least 3-4 times a month…guess what? You are ready for a ballroom dance competition! Shocking, I know! But, it’s not as scary as it might sound. The community is super supportive of any and all dancers getting involved in competition for the first time. In dancing, and in life, it is important to break out of our comfort zone sometimes and take a leap of faith! We would not recommend a competition to you if we did not believe that you were ready for it!

There are numerous benefits to competing in a dance competition, one of them obviously being the chance to show off all that you’ve learned. Remember when you only knew the box step? Now you’re incorporating body flight into your smooth dancing in just a few months! Now is the time to go perform for all of your peers, and for yourself, to see how much you’ve accomplished.

Competitions are also opportunities for you to improve as a performer. Not only will you receive constructive criticism from some of the most qualified minds within the industry, but you’ll see other dancers of your same caliber to determine how well you match up. You’ll even be able to pick their brains for elements of their dancing that you like. You can then take those newly learned elements and incorporate them into your own style. What better way for self-improvement is there than a competition?

Lastly, competitions are the best way to get introduced to some of the brightest and most talented members of the dance industry. The judges, for instance, are all highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in ballroom dance. You simply don’t want to miss the opportunity to work with these individuals as they provide extremely valuable knowledge and expertise.

To wrap it all up, we strongly encourage you to consider participating in your first ballroom dance competition. Don’t worry about the logistics. Just say yes, and we will take care of everything else! And most importantly, remember that this is all about having the time of your life and getting an experience that you will never forget!

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