How to Stretch Your Ballroom Dance Shoes

​Ok, so you just purchased your brand new pair of ballroom dance shoes. They are beautiful, shiny, and the perfect color to make your legs look amazing! Not to mention the suede on the bottom of the shoes to make dancing on the floor feel amazing. But you know what doesn’t feel amazing? Your feet after the first hour you wear your new shoes. Ouch! Well, we have a quick fix for you that will hopefully save yourself a few blisters.

What you need:

-New pair of dance shoes
-A pair of thick socks

1. Put your thick socks on.
2. Put your new shoes on over the socks. Now that is a great look!
3. Take the hairdryer and heat your shoes around the tightest part of your shoes. As your keep heating the areas, flex and point your foot, rolls your ankles and move your foot all around. Make sure you are only heating the sides that are too tight (normally just around the big and little toes). Try to stay away from the heel. This can stretch your shoes up to a whole size, and you don’t want them to be too loose.
4. Walk around in your shoes and socks (on carpet) until they are comfortable to make sure they are the perfect size.

Happy Dancing!

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