12 Rules for Social Dancing

Do you remember your first dance? I bet it was a little nerve-racking if not downright terrifying. That’s okay! The good thing is that we have all been there. Whether it was being timid about asking someone to dance, or even just coming to our first social event, the point is that everyone has experienced those feelings. Whether you are a seasoned pro at dance parties or brand new and trying to build up the courage to come to one, here are a few things to keep in mind to make your night and everyone else’s run quite smoothly:

1. Travel counterclockwise. This reduces collisions.
2. If, and when (because it will happen), you do collide, offer a smile and a sincere apology. Make sure everyone is okay and start dancing again.
3. Leave the outer edge of the floor for the fast-paced dancers, and leave the middle lane for those moving a little more slowly. If you are not moving around the floor, stay in the middle. This will make the advanced dancers very happy and newer dancers not feel in the way.
4. Male OR Female, do NOT be afraid to ask someone to dance. This is very important!
5. Don’t reject people, unless you have a REALLY good excuse. It is polite to dance with anyone who asks. If you do need to sit one out, make sure to take a raincheck and get that person for the next one.
6. If you have a partner, dance with someone else. The more partners you dance with, the better dancer you become! Your teacher will love this!
7. Women: The man is the leader!! Men: Be the leader!!
8. If your dance partner is not as experienced as you, then you need to dance to their level. Remember when all you knew was a box step? That was the hardest step and you needed practice, so be a good partner and practice too. It never hurts to brush up on basics!
9. Don’t be a teacher, unless you are one.
10. Gentlemen, be just that. Escort the ladies on and off the floor. Chivalry is very alive in the ballroom!
11. Applaud and cheer at the end of every song. Thank your partner for the dance. Good or bad, you were just dancing!
12. Hygiene…keep your breath fresh and armpits clean. Everyone will thank you!

Follow these basic rules and your social dancing life will be a very happy one! See you all Friday night!

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