10 Reminders for a Ballroom Dance Competition

Got a competition coming up? Here are 10 quick tips to make your experience better!

1. Don’t stress yourself or your partner! You’ve done everything you can to prepare. Have fun at the event. Enjoy dancing!
2. 30 minutes before your heat means 30 minutes before your heat. Don’t make the MC call your name out on the loudspeaker looking for you. Teacher, I’m talking to you mainly!
3. Make sure you have bananas and chocolate to keep you going all day!
4. Make friends with your deck captain. They can make your day run very smoothly!
5. Deodorant! It does more than just keep the smell away. It can help sensitive areas or areas prone to rubbing (thighs and fishnets, your chest and shirt, maybe your shoes?) It is a lifesaver!
6. Keep your accessories to yourself. Make sure your eyelashes are glued on, earrings are secure, ties are clipped down, etc. We want everything to stay on you when you dance.
7. Hairspray! Keep that hair stiff! Don’t let it move!
8. Don’t drink too much water before and after your heats. Keep consistent hydration. This will help keep you energized as well as save you from too many bathroom trips!
9. Just in case the unfortunate pulled muscle occurs, bring some Tiger Balm. It will be an instant relief.
10. Judges hate to see that number flapping all around. Make sure you secure it and that it won’t pull and tear.

And remember, the most important tip for a dance competition is to just HAVE FUN!

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